1. There are several ways of doing this but here are the two techniques used most often:

      1. Use custom fields
      Add a Project cusom field where you can set the Project status to archived. Filter you Project Center view to remove all projects in the status “Archived”, and create a new view in Project Center called “Archived” which shows all archived projects

      2. Use Categories
      This way is perhaps the best since it removes all archived projects from both Project Web Access and the Project Professional client (when opening projects). The approach is to use a category for all projects to be hidden with Deny rights for Project Managers so the projects are hidden. If they need to retrieve one, it is a question of the administrator removing that project from the Hidden category

  1. Hi Peter – I attended Projectum’s seminar on Project 2010 last Thursday and noted with joy your comment on Project 2010’s ability to submit task updates directly from timesheets to projects – and that this applied both for standard and non-standard line classifications.

    Now I’ve had time to test it – using Microsoft’s virtual demo servers for 2010 software (2010-7a+b). I am not able to reproduce the improvements that according to you should be in Project 2010 – although I have the “Send Status” button it doesn’t seem to do anything – and I still have to import tasks to project (and the tasks that I can import are only tasks using Standard line classification).

    Did I misinterpret your comment on the seminar or have I just missing something in the configuration of my test environment?

    1. Hi Jens,

      Thank you for your question. I think the answer is very simple. In Project Server 2010 you have the option of using a feature called “Singe Entry Mode”, which can be found in Server Settings under “Time Sheet Settings and Defaults”. If you click and enable this feature all task updates from the timesheets will be pushed directly to the project plans when approved by the Project Manager. If you don´t want to to wait for the Project Manager to approve the progress just ask them to create “Rules” that auto approve all incoming updates.

      Let me hear from you again if the above works.

  2. Hi Peter. “Single Entry Mode” certainly helped with the first part – i.e. getting timesheet data directly to the projects. This is a very welcome improvement from 2007.

    But I still can’t get non-standard line classifications to work. If I add a task with a non-standard line classification, Project Server adds the task twice – one line with standard and one line with my non-standard classification. And hours entered in either one of these lines doesn’t seem to affect remaining work/pct complete.

    1. Hi again,

      Have you tried to enable “Import all timesheet line classifications” which can be found under “Server Settings” -> “Task Settings and Display”?

      Looking forward to hear from you again.

  3. Bingo – the little checkmark did the trick. Tasks are still being autogenerated with Standard line classification – and “Actual” hours on a non-standard line classification line are copied to be “Planned” hours on the corresponding standard line.
    (commented screenshot here: http://www.screencast.com/users/JensGC/folders/Jing/media/d2b40cbb-3c45-4567-957c-c21f6d42da9d)

    Anyway – thanks a lot for your help. Even though standard lines still seem to appear even if you only want the non-standard lines, the ability of Project 2010 to make timesheets and task updates a much more coherent experience is a huge improvement.

  4. Hi Peter,

    How can a custom web part(sitting on top of PDP) catch the Save Ribbon event from code? I’ve been looking around for solution, but not yet find one….

    Thank you,


  5. Hai
    Please help me to solve this issue

    I need to Integrate Microsoft EPM 2010 with the Intranet & KM Portalof the Sharepoint 2010 site. The scope of the integration is limited to call the data from the EPM tool on real time basis to individual workspaces (My Site) based on their roles and the respective tasks mentioned in various projects in the EPM 2010 tool. The agency will be expected to work closely with the Microsoft EPM 2010 implementation agency to map the tasks (Specified in the Projects) with the individual dashboards.

    Please provide me the step by step process to Integrate with EPM 2010 Server

    Thanks and regards

    Sunil prakash…

    1. Hi Sunil,

      Thank you for your very interesting question. This however sound like a rather complex issue that will require more information/analysis before an answer can be given. Which data from the Project Server do you need to extract to the MySite spaces, and are your sure that this data can´t be shown by adding the standard Project Server 2010 webparts to the end-users MySite´s?

  6. I use Project server 2010.

    I group my tasks by task hierarchy and would like to search or filter on this field. How can I do this as task hierarchy is not one of the custom filter fields?


    1. Hi Hessel,

      Thank you for your question. I would like to know more about the scenario. Where are you trying to use a search/filter action. Is it in a view on PWA or is it from the Project client?

  7. Hi
    I am trying to search in PWA. I click on ‘my tasks’ and get a list of all my tasks which are grouped on task hierarchy.

    my tasks look as follows:

    10 repair bedroom
    10.1 Fix mat
    10.2 Paint walls
    10.2 Fix floor tiling

    20 repair dining room
    20.1 Fix mat
    20.2 Paint walls
    20.2 Fix floor tiling

    It doesn’t help me to search on “fix floor tiling” (the task) as I want to know all the tasks for ‘repair bedroom’. That is why I would like to search on task hierarchy.


    1. Hi Hessel,

      Try to first group your view by “Project Name” and the followed by “Task Hierachy”. Then you can easily create a filter and search on numbers, letters, complete Words etc…and still see it grouped below the actual project. I think this should solve your issue. Let me know how it Works out.



  8. Peter
    The challenge is that “Task Hierarchy” is not one of the fields that can be filtered.You can filter on task name (e.g. fix mat) but cannot filter on task hierarchy (e.g. repair bedroom).

    I am using Project Server 2010.


    1. Hi Hessel,

      You are right about this – it only works on the grouping level. The way I use it is by using task hierachy as the grouping format (so I can easily see which phase I am looking at), and then I just create a filter on whatever I would like to locate. This could of course be “repair bedroom” if that was the case.

  9. Peter,
    I am creating a new project in PPM with workplan and have assigned resources to tasks, but when I go to timesheets, my project doesn’t even show in the list of values for projects when I try to search for and add a task.
    What have I missed that my project does not even appear in the list with other projects?
    Peter Z.

    1. Hi Peter,
      There are a lot of areas where the issue could potentially be located. Let me try to narrow it Down:

      Are you yourself assigned to a specific task in the plan?
      Do you see the project name at all in the list? (typically the name should be there but without the phases/tasks)
      Have you published the project?

      If you are not added to a task and only own the project plan you should still be able to at least see the project name from the insert list in the timesheet. If not, you should navigate to server settings and enable “Allow top-level time reporting” (can be found in the Timesheet Settings and Defaults).



  10. Hi Peter,
    How do you handle resources in a matrix organisation where you have project managers leading one or more projects, and at the same time being a mechanical resource in another project? Can you split a resources compentences so he appears part time project leader and part time mechanical ressource?

    1. Hi Morten,

      Thank you for your question. I am not sure I really understand why a resource would act as a mechanical ressource? However, if this is the case you would have to create two resources with 50% units each. Normally I would not recommend splitting on a competence level as this would make it difficult to trackt the right availability? Instead I would define all resources with one role and then followed by a competencies checklist. In your case we would talk about the ressource having two roles rather than two competencies.

      My Company Projectum has an add-on for Project Server allowing for better ressource management when handling matrix organizations in specific. Read more here and let me know if you need a demo:

  11. Hello. We have projects that span multiple years. I have been asked if we can setup portfolio analysis, but only look at a year timeframe of the project. For example, look at what is coming up for 2016, 2017……Can you ‘filter’ on dates for portfolio analysis?

    1. Hi Gayle,
      Thank you for writing this relevant question. I read that you are actually asking two separate questions.

      1. Can you filter specific projects before starting the portfolio simulation
      2. Can you filter/view/model with specific cost summaries on a specific year(s)

      To answer the first question (1), the answer is yes. Typically, organisations would “tag” each project using a basic custom field to register in which yearly portfolio the project belongs to. Secondly, you can then add this custom field to the “Portfolio Selection” view, which can be created/modified from “Server Settings” in the “views” section.

      To answer your second question (2), the answer would also be yes. I would personally use the recently Microsoft purchased app called “Project Financials”. You can find that app/add-in from the SharePoint store, and it is free currently. This app would allow you to create a financial cost/benefit grid timephased e.g. by years. Each sum can then be synchronized to a custom field you have created. This could be “Total Budget 2016”. From the “Portfolio Simulation” cost section, you could then add the custom field into the view and simulate specifically on the cost of a particular year.

      I have mailed you 3 screenshots showing you how to easily, and in a few minutes, achieve the answer to the second question (2).

  12. Within Portfolio Analysis, I’d like to be able to add comments or text to an Analysis, Scenario or Project. During working sessions, decisions are made to move projects around and it would be great to be able to document the discussion points within the tool. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi David, I would guess the only way is to save the scenario using the “Save As” button found on the ribbon when in the simulation area. These scenario comments can then be used in reports or perhaps added to a workflow using the “Commit Scenario” functionality.

  13. Hi Peter, thank you for your time on resolving issues in the PPM community! Project Online: I am not able to have custom fields (Resource type) show up on a custom Resource Assignments view. When the values are saved on a user’s resource profile, it only shows up on a custom Resource Center View, but not on Resource Assignment views, although they are available in the view pick list? Is there any custom field setting or assignment rule that has to be in place before the custom resource fields will show up in the Resource Assignments views?

    1. Never mind, the custom field setting: “Roll down, unless manually specified” does the trick to roll down a resource custom field to assignment level.

  14. Hi, I would like to ask a question on Microsoft Project Online and Power BI.
    My scenario is I would like to use Microsoft Project Online and Power BI. However I would require some time to do some setting/configuration in Project Online for a group of users. This group of users required to start their projects immediately. I would like to check what is the interim solution that can apply in my case. Is it possible to get the users to fill up all the project information, milestone, costs etc in the excel file first, once the setup in project online is done and projects are created, I can sync the excel to the project online, and also the contents put up in excel will be updated to the projects setup in project online (users do not require to double key in). Please advise.

    1. Hi Tee,
      You can always start new projects based on a spreadsheet but it sounds like you want a multi-project import from Excel. In this case, the project level information could easily be imported. Steps would be to create a new SharePoint list from you Excel Portfolio file. Once done, select all the items and select “create in Project Online”. One issue is that you still have to create the Project Online custom fields in advance otherwise the mapping will fail and your project details not moved.

      The actual plan content is another issue. If you really want this be a smooth ride I would suggest reaching out to a Project Online Microsoft Partner e.g. Projectum.com and/or look at FluentPro who have made various migration tools.

      Best regards,


  15. Hi,
    I’m trying to create a second Actual Cost tab in MS Project 2013. The original Actual Cost tab as I’m sure you know takes the standard rate from the resource pool and multiplies that by the Work tab which is populated by the percent complete tab.

    That’s all fine, but where I work we want to know the percent complete that the resource is done with the task as well as how many hours they have actually charged to said task.

    To phrase this better. the Actual Cost tab is set at the formula [standard Rate] * [Work]

    My issue is I need to set a formula up in a custom tab (Cost 1) that will show the formula [Standard Rate] * [Actual Work]
    Where [Actual Work] is also a custom field.

    I need to know how to get the [Standard Rate] from the resource view into the Gantt view

    Any help would be appreciated.



    1. Hi Austin,
      Thank you for asking. Issue here is that standard rate is attached to the resource and not on the task level (where you are trying to solve things).

      One solution would be to make a reverse calculation to get the rate on the task level:

      [Actual Cost]/[Actual Work]*60

      Then add a custom “Actual Work” field, followed by a Task level formula field where you use the custom actual work field * the custom calculated rate. This should work.

      Their might be other solutions but this is a quick fix. Let me know if it works.

  16. Hi I used your instruction on how to add a Project ID field within an EPT and it worked perfectly, but I have several EPT’s that show In the same project list and if I do this for each EPT I have duplicate numbers. Is there a way to setup the Project ID generically to auto-increment the Project ID number without being EPT specific?

    1. Hi Brad,

      Thank you for the question. For each EPT you can set up the number generator and you can´t have one series across multiple EPTs. Alternatively I would rely on the Project UID, which is always unique even across multiple PWA sites in the same tenant.

    1. Project UID is the standard value for each project. You can find it in the reporting and/or if you look in the https address when inside a project PDP

  17. Hello,

    I would have a question related to Project Online. When I create an issue or risk in particular project I can´t see it in Project Center also its not visible in the reports.

    Do you have some experience with this kind of problem?
    Thks in advance

    1. Hi Marek,
      Have you disabled the synk between PWA and SharePoint Project Sites? Are your using the standard risk list or have you made a custom list?


      1. Hi Peter,

        Im not aware that I disabled sync. But i do use the custom list for risks. Do u think that could be the reason?

  18. Hi,

    I would like to ask for advice. Im using Project Online data with Power BI through the OData services. For some time by now I have a problem with automatic data update schedule. OData authorization fails (see the detail below) Also I miss the authorization option oAuth2 which I used before.

    My workaround is that Im refreshing data manually through Power BI desktop and then I publish.

    Do you have any idea how to fix this?

    Thks in advance.

    Poverenia zdroja údajov sa nepodarilo aktualizovať: Skryť podrobnosti

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    Kód stavu: 400
    Time Thu Aug 23 2018 14:28:08 GMT+0200 (stredoeurópsky letný čas)
    Version 13.0.6358.131
    Identifikátor URI klastra: https://wabi-north-europe-redirect.analysis.windows.net

    1. Hi Marek,
      Could explain more about what you are trying to update. Is it an Excel or PBIX file?
      Furthermore, can you access the _API/ProjectData/Projects ODATA feed?


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