Project Server 2010 and Outlook/Exchange – what is hot what is not?

As in previous versions of Microsoft Project Server, an integration link to Outlook is still available. However, many users thought that the Project Outlook add-in was very demanding in regards to system performance and also difficult to “roll out” in large organizations. Luckily in Project Server 2010, we now have a direct integration to Exchange Server, which means that you don´t have to install any add-ins. This also gives the user the advantage of working with the Project Tasks via mobile phone/ Outlook Web Access.

From Outlook you are able to do all the same things with you Project tasks as with normal Outlook tasks. This i both good and bad. The good side of it is that users are familiar with the functionality – the bad side of it is that Outlook tasks won´t accept timephased reporting. In general this means that you can´t record your hours spent on a monday, but instead have to record you total hours on the tasks total “actual hours” level.

To sum it up this looks really great for the performance and availability side but bad for users who would have loved to tack their time in timesheets directly from Outlook.

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