Project Server: Resource plans and Project plans – the missing link

Many users of Microsoft Project Server 2007 have contacted me regarding the use of “Resource Plans” in regards to the Project Managers project plans. As standard, the “Resource Plan” does not interfere at all, with the project plan created in the Project Professional client. This is frustrating for users who use “Resource Plans” as an early stage setup, where the resource requirements are specified in FTEs, hours or days. The approved resource budget is of course relevant for the Project Managers to be seen from their project plan in the Project client, but unfortunately not possible as standard.

Projectum (Danish EPM consultancy company) has developed a module which transfers data from the “Resource Plans”, as a timescaled resource budget, to be shown directly in the Project client. To do the trick Project Managers will get a new button/function, and from there import the resource forecasts/budgets from the “Resource Plan”:

To learn more about this add-on for Project Server 2007 and 2010, please contact Projectum directly at or

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