How to hide a PDP for specific people

Is it possible to hide one or more PDPs for specific people or groups in a Project Server 2010 environment? The answer to this is and here is one way of doing it without any coding.

1. Navigate to Server Settings and click on Project Detail Pages

2. Select the PDP you want to hide and choose “Manage Permissions” from the right menu button next to the PDP name

3. Select “Stop inheriting permissions” for managing the security settings manual

4. Grant or deny access to the groups or people that should be able to view the PDP

5. Now only the selected people or groups are able to view the PDP from the Menubar.

6. Be aware that Project Managers are able to “catch” the PDP values through the Project 2010 client. However, for regular team-members and other without the client it is now hidden.

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