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Session Title: Manage your resources without Excel – yes it is possible!
Speaker(s): Peter Kestenholz
Track: Product Session
Presented By: MVP
Level: 200
Audience: IT Professionals|Business Analysts|Consultants|Executives|Managers|Portfolio, Program and Project Managers
Product(s): Project Server
Solution: Resource Management
This session will give an in-depth presentation of the Silverlight module we have developed for Project Server 2010 and 2007. The solution addresses key pains when it comes to the everyday handling of resource request and demand management. The solution is the true competitor to the Excel sheets often managed by the line managers, and provides a much better data input for all other users of a Project Server solution. The session will also give you information on how one of Denmarks largest production companies implemented the resource solution in Denmark, China, US and France.
Key Learning Objectives: The session objective is to give existing and future users of a Microsoft Project Server solution, insight to how they can finally get resource managers to be part of the EPM platform eliminating the use of Excel resource spreadsheet. Target audience group is PMOs, PMs, Line Managers, Resource Managers, Portfolio Managers and Program Managers.

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