Moving data from Project Server 2010 to 2013 Online/Cloud

I am a big fan of Project Server 2013 now being offered as an Online/Cloud solution trough Office365. However, my second thoughts was around how to actually move my Project Server 2010 data to the Online solution in a smooth and painless way. Lucky for me, a company named FluentPro has made a very simple piece of software that easily allow for your 2010 data to be moved directly into you Project Online environment.

FluentPro offeres a simple and a pro edition of the software. I have decided to focus only on the pro-edition as this will work also on Project Online when it reaches RTM time, hopefully by the end of Q1 2013.

Overview of FluentPro:

  • Supports one way migration – from Project Server 2010 to Project Online. Please note, this version will not work with Project Server 2013 on-premise.
  • Software is licensed per PWA and can be used only with 2 PWA on the same server (Test and Production)
  • Email based standard priority support
  • Contains 3 applicaitons: Cloud Migrator Pro, Project Migrator Cloud Edition for Project Professional 2010,  Project Migrator Cloud Edition for Project Professional 2013
  • Will work with RTM

Supportet configuration elements:

  • Custom fields and Lookup tables
  • Views
  • EPT and PDP
  • Workflow Stages and Phases
  • Tasks and Timesheet Settings
  • Resources
  • Time Reporting and Financial Periods
  • Projects are supported with license of FluentPro Project Migrator (add-in for Project Professional 2013); license is provided as part of the package
  • Templates Migration
  • Security Configuration Migration (Project Security Mode)
  • Project Sites (Risks, Issues and Document Libraries)


You can read more from FluentPro´s own landingpage using this link:




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