Project Server 2013 “where is Performance Point?”

Some of you may have noticed that Performance Point is not around in the Business Intelligence area of Project Server 2013. How to actually find and launch this amazing BI tool is quite different compared to Project Server 2010, as it is now an app (actually two apps) that is not enabled out-of-the-box.


Here are the simple steps to activate and launch the Performance Point designer application:

1. Go to add an app (the screen dump is a little wrong – sorry):-)


2. Select and add the two Performance Point apps

3 - ps

3. Find the new apps in the content area of your PWA

4 - ps

4. Open on of the apps and notice the PerformancePoint menu in the ribbon

5 - ps

Create your reports as you would in Project Server 2010 – have fun!


  1. Peter, cannot find the “Performance Point Content”-app in my tenant.
    Also, I have a Data Connetion library but not Performance Point Data Connection.
    Maybe I need an E1 or E3 plan _with_ Project Online to get this app?


    1. Hi Ville,

      Thank you for your question. I believe the problem is that Performance Point cant use oData as a datasource. In project Online you have no OLAP cubes nor direct SQL DB access, only oData – therefore it wouldn´t make sense to have PerformancePoint available.

  2. Peter,

    sure, I automatically thought of Project Online (without thinking things through) that your screenshots were from On-prem. Obviusly in a multi-tenant-environment creating PPS reports would present other issues as well. Thanks.


  3. Hi Peter,

    in my installation, the PerformancePoint Content list, Data Connection library and the Dashboardslibrary are available by default, they just have their navigation checkbox disabled.

    You should be able to find them when navigating to Site Contents on the left hand side.

    Kind regards,

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