Project Online Reporting with “Scheduled Refresh”

This post is simply to give a very direct answer to a questions, I have been asked several times the last couple of months.

I want to have my Project Online reports to be automatically refreshed. I know PowerBI can do this but have many licenses do my organization have to buy?

The answer is simple – you need only one user to have the PowerBI license in order to access the PowerBI area, add the reports and setup the scheduled refresh. The benefit is crystal clear, users no longer have to manually trigger the the “Refresh Data Connection” and wait for the update to be done.

Here is a little drawing of how it looks:

PowerBI image

Now, before you buy a PowerBI license, you should also understand the many other benefits that PowerBI brings to your tenants. To fully understand these capabilities I would recommend navigating to this page:

…maybe you will end up buying more than just one license after having experienced the many other cool features.


    1. This post is 12 months old. There was no PowerBI Pro license back then. For that reason, the post is accurate. As of today, yes, you would need a license to PowerBI Pro but the reports should be created in a whole different way. I will write about this soon.

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