From PowerBI dashboard to PowerPoint slides

With the launch of the new PowerBI (, there is no excuse to not provide that cool responsive dashboard across all devices. But how does that affect the typically heavy use of PowerPoint presentation for management meetings? This is where the Micosoft Add-Ins (previously apps) come in handy. In less than 1 minute you can start to see your PowerBI Charts come to live in your PowerPoint pages with automatic refresh enabled.

The following mini guide will show you just how easy it is to get started.

1-Get hold of the PowerBI add-in (free) called PowerBI Tiles


2-Allow the add-in to view your BI content


3-Create a new PowerPoint presentation and insert the PowerBI Tiles add-in


4-Choose which dashboard that holds the chart you want


5-Scroll through the charts from the dashboard using the arrows


6-Size the chart and add more if needed to the page. Notice the charts are responsive when resized


7-After you have saved your presentation, and reopen it before a meeting, you will notice an automatic refresh of your inserted charts on all slides. You might get prompted for credentials depending on your security setup with O365/PowerBI




  1. Corporate Information Security Risk!!!
    Power BI Tiles App publisher website: localhost
    Power BI Tiles needs permission to:
    • View all Dashboards (preview)
    {The app can view all of your dashboards and any dashboards that you have access to.}
    • View all Groups
    {The app can view all of the groups that you belong to.}
    • View all Reports (preview)
    {The app can view all of your reports and reports that you have access to. The app can also see the data within the reports as well as its structure.}
    • View all Datasets
    {The app can view all of your datasets and any datasets that you has access to.}
    • View content properties (preview)
    {The app can view object properties owned by you including content and dataset names as well as dataset schema. The app will not be able to see any of your data.}
    • Sign you in and read your profile
    {Allow you to sign in to the application with your organizational account and let the application read your profile, such as your email address and contact information.}

    1. Thanks for you comments to this post. I took the step and shared your feedback directly to the company who developed the add-in. I now have some clear answers that ensures me the add-in is safe to use.

      The app has passed all the thorough requirements from Microsoft analysis in order to be published and as you can check from the product page ( the Power BI Tiles App publisher website is not localhost as is well identified as DevScope and the Provider and Provider web site are cleared identified, and it could not be on any way around otherwise the app would not pass the MS certification.

      In terms of the security requirements of the App itself, they are marked and saved in the app store app profile to exactly match what the app requires, and those requirements also match the ones that the user is saying. Once again we needed to specify in the app registration what are the rights that the app requires in order to proceed with the certification, and they were accepted by the ms office store.

      Now, in terms of functionality, the app allows for you to embed a PBI Visual in your PowerPoint, and so for that to happen, it needs to be able to browse your data in order for you to select it, and of course in order to browse it, as a third-party app you need to give it access to it.

      But the app acts as a proxy, and the login on PowerBI is done on Microsoft itself so we don’t save any data regarding your login and access, and the access token is stored on your machine as a browser cookie according to the oauth protocol used worldwide. Also all the communication is done under https, so, under a secure channel.
      We want to make clear that we use the MS Software Development Kit to develop this app, and it’s done by the book as Microsoft devised it.

      We also have a privacy statement and terms of use that is available on the app splash screen informing of all those related things.

      DevScope is a highly certified Microsoft Gold Partner for more than 13 years now, and we take this issues seriously.

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