Adding comments to your timesheet

For some time, there has been a solution around for Project Server users, allowing them to enter their comments for a specific task per day. This takes place from the default timesheet of Project Server and now finally also in Project Online.

For those, who are using timesheets as the foundation for invoicing, this is a must have app. It dramatically reduces your need for planning complexity, when team members are allowed to add some text to any timesheet entry. Better yet, all comments are stored in the standard timesheet table of Project Online/Server, meaning you can report on the data using the out-of-the-box ODATA feeds.

Watch the video presentation:
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Get the app here: Link





  1. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m probably in the wrong topic, but couldn’t find the answer on my questions.

    I’m looking for the best method to get the hours of all the projects in Excel. We use PowerPivot for this.
    The most time consuming things for making a report with all the actual time are:
    – To make sure that every schedule manager has approved the hours.
    – Publish all the projects so that they show the updatet time.

    1. Is there a way to auto approve all the hours (or see how many hours are not approved by who?)
    2. Is there an option to auto publish all the projects i.e. on a daily base?

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Fabian,
      Thanks for writing. The answer to your question should be fairly simple as there is in fact a central place where PMs can set up “auto-approval and auto-publish” all changes.

      You will find the settings area under “approvals” or you can use this direct link – just replace with your PWA site address:

      In regards to publishing all projects on a daily basis this shouldn’t be necessary unless you have other non-timesheet data that changes and should be published. Perhaps you can elaborate a bit more and at the same time share with me if you are running online or on-premise.

      Best regards,


      1. Hi Peter,

        Thanks for your quick response. Haven’t been in this section yet. Wil try this first in our test environment I guess.

        We are using project online for users to submit their hours. Project managers are using both project online and the on-premise MS Project 2013 to change and update their projects. The same for me, as a PMO member.
        To get our data in a overview we use PowerPivot to make a kind of datawarehouse in Excel (which takes a long time to refresh).
        We found that before we have the most up to date version of the hours in the project every should have booked his hours (logical), then the PM should approved the hours and then the project needs to be published. A lot of steps, because we have over 60 projects ongoing.

        You mean this by elaborating my message?
        And what do you mean with “other non-timesheet data that changes”?

        Best regards,


  2. We are using Project Online with single entry mode. Users can enter in the timesheet comments but they disappear. I have tried everything to get this to work. It look like it is happening when the task gets updated. If you open up the timesheet again the comments are missing. If you enter the comments again and do not make any changes to the hours and submit the timesheet again they are not overwritten and are included. Any thoughts on how I can get this to work. We really need to have comments for invoicing reasons. Thanks

    1. Hi Natascha,
      The post you have been looking at describes a custom solution (add-in) for the timesheets. Is this what you are using or ar you using the comments field when submitting the timesheet?

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