[New App] Custom Fields Editor

Have you ever thought that the “Custom Fields” settings page in Project Online/Server, could use some filters and bulk edit capability? What about knowing how many of the fields were actually being used? Or perhaps bulk deleting those you dont want and so on.

There is a new app in the store called “Custom Fields Editor” and right now it´s for free…but maybe that will change soon.

Besides solving the mentioned issues, it also allows administrator to export the data directly to Excel. This way you can easily build audit reports on which of your custom fields are in play. Very useful and something I have personally missed for quite some time.




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  1. Very nice but having obtained it from the App Store and apparently installed it I cannot locate it within Project Online – from Site Settings, Site App permissions I can see the App listed but I have no idea how to access it. I have recently used the _layouts/15/appinv.aspx page to register a workflow with my instance of Project Online and on that page I had to provide the App ID and an XML Permission Request – providing instructions would be a big help to people like me who are new to adding Apps to Project Online and Office 365.

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