[O365 TEAMS] Just released

Today, Microsoft released something brand new to the Office365 world. The new service is called “Teams” and takes the “Groups” functionality to the next level. Using “Teams”, people can interact on almost everything from documents, OneDrive, Skype, Chat, Planner tasks etc. in one view – smart!

My blog has always been focusing on Microsoft Project Server and Online, so why do I spend time on this feature? To be honest, some organizations, and especially small ones, donĀ“t have a need for stage-gates, governance and other process controlling features. In these organizations, projects run ad-hoc, and might not even be called projects. For those people, Project Online might be too much to start with, and rather be something you could grow into. This is where “Teams”, “Groups” and “Planner” might be enough.


Activating “Teams” in your Office365 tenant is easy. Just have your O365 Admin go to the admin area, hit settings and activate the “Teams” functionality. In here, you can also set up how you want the organization to use the different features within “Teams.

See this 10 min to get the introduction

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