[Add-In] Use MS Project to plan your Dynamics PSA project

Maybe the header for this blog post sounds a bit confusing, so let me give you some more insights. The Dynamics 365 platform recently released a solution called “Project Service Automation”, which is an end-to-end offering for project creation, executing and reporting. It comes with an out of the box process, for managing your customer faced projects and has a strong and innovative approach to resource management, and how to track your utilization and resource capacity.

Good news! The Dynamics team behind the “PSA” solution understands the power of the Microsoft Project client, and have released a connector, which allows you to create and manage your projects in Dynamics PSA, directly from within Microsoft Project. This way you can utilize the many benefits Microsoft Project has to offer when it comes to breaking down, tracking, resource planning and reporting on your projects. The integration works both ways and also allows you to import Dynamics PSA plan templates into Microsoft Project.

Requirements are Windows 10, Project 2016 and of course a working account in Dynamics 365 PSA

You will find the connector here: LINK


Once installed, Microsoft Project will have a new menu item in the ribbon from where you can access and update our Dynamics PSA projects.


As I am a dedicated¬†fan of everything Microsoft does within the area of project portfolio management, I have created another blog for just this Dynamics module. This will also be the place where you will learn more about Dynamics PSA and in particular “Best Practices” for connecting to Microsoft Project.

Find and subscribe to the blog here:


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