[News from Ignite] New BI Report Pack for Project Online

Today, the product group behind Microsoft Project and Planner made some great announcements. At their presentation right here at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando we saw a full demonstration of a brand new Power BI report pack available to all users of Project Online.

This report and dashboard pack looks at the most often used data for any organizational delivering projects. Its a massive update and upgrade of the report pack that was previously available out of the box.

The reports looks at all relevant project information such as cost, risk, milestones, timelines, key performance indicators etc. Its all there, and will essentially work out the box, as the data model is using standard Project Online ODATA feeds to get the data.

Here are some examples of the new reports and dashboard:

Get the report pack right here or from within Power BI itself:


    1. Hi Daniele,

      Yes I personally have it as I downloaded it before it was removed. It will be available soon again. There was a minor issues with hosting of the images that shows visualizations e.g. custom KPI traffic lights. I would expect it to be available very soon.

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