When using Project Online together with Powerbi, a PMO is capable of producing some of the most stunning reports and dashboards. Using various custom visuals, report builders can quickly connect to the many Project Online datafeeds, and begin designing the perfect report.

When it comes to portfolio Gantt charts and timelines, most have used the custom visual made by Microsoft (found in the PowerBI app store). This visual has worked ok´ish but didnt really deliver the full “wow” experience. However, just before Christmas the BI company, MAQ Software, released a free Gantt Chart in the PowerBI app store, and in my opinion, this custom visual is a huge upgrade compared to the one by Microsoft.

If you bring the new MAQ Gantt chart into play with the other custom visual called “Funnel with Source” (also made by MAQ Software), you might be able to soon stop using PowerPoint for your portfolio management meetings.

Normally I would write a step by step guide to create the report, but as I have blogged about the general build of PPM reports in Powerbi before, I have simply prepared one that you can try out LIVE right here, and without any sign-up or log-in requirements.

Have fun trying it out and start using it next week. If you would like to try it full screen, just click in the lower right corner.


    1. Hi Ciprian,
      As this is just a basic report based on ODATA from Project Online and two visuals, I would rather guide you in the process of setting up your own:-)

  1. Hello,
    Can someone help me with creating a gantt in power bi, with some projects with subtasks ?
    I need a first line for the project name which covers the whole duration of the projects then subtasks that have diffrent durations.
    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for askin. I am not sure if you are asking for guidance or a consultant to help you out. If you need assistance from a consultant, please reach out to me at pk@projectum.com. Otherwise feel free to describe in more details what you have tried and what is difficult to achieve.


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