[NEWS] Project Home is live

[UPDATE 11/09/18] The roll out of “Project Home” is happening in phases. For some, “Project Home” might not be active just yet.

Not more than 8 days ago I shared the news about the upcoming “Project Home” experience. This would allow Project Managers to access their projects across multiple PWAs from one central page. Well, Microsoft moves quickly, and “Project Home” is now live, and available. Here is how it looks in action:

  1. Access the Project Home from the O365 waffle (or by navigating to project.microsoft.com)
  2. At first the page looks empty
  3. But when simply accessing a few of your projects in Project Online, regardless of different PWAs, they will start to pop-up immediately. No save or publish needed, just access a Project Detail Page.
  4. Add some of the them as your favorites and see the cards pop up above
  5. Remember that you can also create new projects directly from Project Home. This will bring you to the “Enterprise Project Type” selection¬†and saves the project in the main PWA (yourtenant/sites/pwa)

What a great new feature and user experience – enjoy!



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