[UPDATE] Project Home and Site Settings

In this post I will be sharing two basic, yet very important, updates from the Microsoft Project group. The first one ensures that the new page for accessing your projects “Project Home” can be customized allowing all new projects to be created in the right PWA Site Collection. Not changing this will automatically have pointed users to [yourtenant]/pwa per default.

The second change is allowing Project Online admins to change the default permission mode directly from Project Online – in other words, without having access to the Office365 admin area. So lets briefly see how both updates are used.

Update 1: Changing Project Home default PWA

Navigate to project.microsoft.com and select “Default PWA” in the top right corner:

Change the address to the PWA Site Collection you would like new projects to be created in. Remember than one PWA Site Collection can have up to 30.000 projects.

Once your credentials have been checked, the default PWA is now changed.

When you create new projects from project.microsoft.com, users will now be able to select the Enterprise Project Types from the specified PWA.

Update 2: Change permission mode from PWA

The other update allows PWA admins to change permission mode (SharePoint versus Project) directly from Project Online. This way, the administrator or PMO responsible can avoid accessing the SharePoint admin area.

Navigate to your PWA and go to “Server Settings”->”Additional Server Settings”.

Notice the new sections and information area from where permission mode can be changed.

Currently you can still do the same permission mode change from the SharePoint admin center area. In other words, old approach and new approach co-exist.

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