[DevOps] Power BI reporting

The DevOps team have released a version 3.0 of their reporting feed (ODATA). It is now possible to pull more or less everything going on across all your DevOps projects and teams. Furthermore, you can extend the feed and expand various data entities to capture all the details.

Here is an overview of what is now possible with the 3.0 ODATA feed compared to 1.0 and 2.0. One of the key benefits, and often asked for information, is the ability to access detailed test plan data.

To access the new v 3.0 ODATA feed, simply use the below path for your queries from Power BI Desktop:


To learn more about the API and ODATA feed, check out the below links:



Feel free to also try out this basic sample report I have made in Power BI.

Click the expand button in the lower right corner for a full screen experience.

For those using Azure DevOps Server 2019, the v 3.0 ODATA feed should also be available (according to the public announcement). Be aware that v 3.0 is a preview feed!



  1. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share your Power BI report as a template for others to start from?

    1. Absolutely, its super old so dont know how much you benefit from it. Will send you the PBIX through email.

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