[Guide] Allowing pictures for custom entities

When building custom apps and entities in PowerApps, you might have noticed that the icon for all your new entries are the same:

So how can we fix our custom entities allowing us to change the picture with a simple click? Follow the simple steps below and your entities will soon look much prettier:

  1. Navigate to PowerApps.com and find your “environment”
  2. Go to “Solutions” and open the solution in which your “custom entity” is used
  3. Select the “entity” for which you want to allow custom images
  4. Create a new “Field” and select the “Image” data type

5. Now open the “Form” for the “Custom Entity” and click on “Form Properties”. Select “Display” and allow “Show images in the form”

6. Now save and publish your “Form”. All your entities can now get a custom picture with a simple click

Thanks for reading this post – I hope you enjoyed it!

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