[Update] Icons now part of Power BI

As someone who have invested months of work into building Power BI Reports and Dashboards, I am excited to see the amount of innovation delivered from the BI team at Microsoft.

Every month, new updates arrive to your Power BI Desktop client (and web), and if you have streamed the client from the Windows 10 app store, updates will arrive automatically.

This time my focus is on icons! For quite a while, it was possible to show icons in table views by changing the data type to a hyperlink and have the link show a picture e.g. from an Azure Blob container or similar. For many, this is quite tricky, and requires a lot more technical skills compared to how its done in Excel – but not anymore….

With the latest update to Power BI, you can now find standard icons, when using the “Matrix Table” visual. Simply go to the “Format” area of your table and enable “Icons” under the “Conditional Formatting” section.

Now click “Advanced Controls” and add the icons exactly like you would in Excel:

If the catalog of icons doesn’t contain what you are looking for, you can still use a custom web picture for your data.

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