[Project for the Web] Bringing back strategic alignment

It has been some months now of having the new Microsoft Project for the Web service available to both new and current Project Online users. Although its still an early release, it does handle scheduling in a much more modern and mobile approach.

For those who have used Project Server or Project Online, you might wonder where the portfolio management capabilities are, or how you can manage simple entities such as “programs” and “risks” etc. The answer to this question is simple,¬†learn to use Power Apps,¬†as the new Project relies 100% on the Power Platform offering. All data is stored in CDS (Common Data Service), and you can therefor tailor all the disciplines, surrounding¬† the project schedule, to your exact organizational needs, and governance.

As an alternative to customizing an entire PPM solution yourself, you could also get Projectums “Power PPM” solution, which consists of a ready-to-use Power App connected to Project for the Web, lots of UI enhancements, a financial grid, a risk matrix and much much more. (Learn more or get a trial here: https://powerppm.net)

Now back to where this post started – where did the “Portfolio Simulation go?”. Although Project Online/Server had built-in simulation capabilities, the new Project for the Web and/or Power Platform doesn’t have this offering. However, if you simply want to replace the “what-if” scenarios on a strategic level, to see if you are aligned with company priorities, then Power BI can get you a long way.

In the below live example report, based on Projectums Power PPM solution, you will find a customized edition of the default “Project for the Web” Power BI package. Because Power PPM contains entities such as “Portfolios”, “Strategic Themes”, “Business Drivers” and much more, we are able to prioritize these against each other by normalizing everything into 100%. In other words, we can compare amount of money spent on project/initiatives to the company strategy, and see how aligned we are.

Using “project filtering”, we can quickly select/deselect projects, and see how it impacts the strategic alignment. This is very close to how it worked in the portfolio simulation for Project Online/Server. Furthermore, because we are now able to plan our budgets top down and compare them with cost bottom-up, we also have much stronger controlling mechanisms for monitoring financial forecasting on all level of your PPM pyramid.

Click around and try it our yourself (go full screen), and imagine much more data and your specific company requirements. Its all possible now with the new Project, Power Platform and Projectum Power PPM.

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