[Project for the web] custom columns

Project for the web just got an update – “custom columns”. Essentially, users of Project for the web can now add custom columns to their task views. Its straightforward as you only have to select “add column” and select “new field”. For details and examples of usage I have made a few steps and screenshots further below in this post.

Worth knowing
Although custom fields/columns are really useful to almost any Project Manager, its important to know that these custom fields are not stored in the Common Data Service (CDS), as would be the case with the out-of-the-box columns in Project for the web. This also mean that you can’t control the custom columns centrally, or in other words, push out a certain column configuration.

Another key thing to know is that number fields are not rolling up/summarized above the tasks e.g. to the phase level.

In other words, this new feature helps Project Managers, and users of Project for the web in general, to better tailor the scheduling experience for them and their team. When wanting to access the custom columns across multiple Projects and/or Teams, data is not yet available e.g in a Power BI reporting scenario. However, this update is still a very good and wanted feature to many.

How does it work? lets start of by adding a column and choose “New field”

Then simply give your column a name

…and now choose between four types of columns/fields: “Text“, “Date“, “Number” or “Yes/No

Afterwards, you can now use your new fields on task level in both the “Grid“, “Board” and “Timeline” view:

Grid view
Board view
Timeline view

Have fun!


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