Last week I presented at a webcast focused on how to improve organizations ability to plan and track their strategies using “OKRs”, Power PPM (model-driven Power App) and with the help from Power BI.

In this webcast I give a basic introduction to the world of “OKR” – Objectives and Key Results, and how they differentiate from the more traditional “KPIs” and “Drivers/Themes” in a Portfolio Management context. “OKRs” are super powerful in both a traditional, hybrid og Scaled Agile portfolio setup.

After a basic introduction I demonstrate live the example of creating an “Objective”, setting “Key Results” and tracking these per month, while ensuring executives can pull the status in real time using Power BI.

If you enjoy this webcast, and would like to learn more about Power PPM, please pay a visit to https://projectum.com or ping me on pk@projectum.com.


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