[FIX] When you can’t create new Project Sites

I have had some cases, where users of Project Online, are experiencing issues with creating new projects and/or that “Project Sites” can’t be created anymore.¬†The

Copy/Paste your task and WBS from Word

In Project 2010 it is now possible to copy and paste your activites including bullets (indent/outdent) directly into the Microsoft Project client. However, in Denmark

Error in project client views after upgrade to Project Server 2010

Scenario: You have just migrated you data from Project Server 2007 to 2010. After this upgrade you try to create a new project (EPT) with

IE 9 is out – what about your PWA?

Internet Explorer 9 has finally reached RTM status and is available for everybody. This means that a lot of Project Server users will upgrade, and

Regional bug when trying to open multiple projects from PWA

If you are working with Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Web Application 2010 with local regional settings other than US-English you may experience problems when