Error in project client views after upgrade to Project Server 2010

Scenario: You have just migrated you data from Project Server 2007 to 2010. After this upgrade you try to create a new project (EPT) with an associated project template. When you try to open the project from the Project Proffesional 2010 client, your configured views e.g. Entry Gantt and also columns look completely wrong.

Solution: You need to upgrade your global file from the Project client. Otherwise it will run in 2007 mode and creating a lot of errors for you.

To upgrade you global file:

1. Check out the global file from the Project 2010 client

2. Make a minor change to it (move the splitter, adjust a column width etc)

3. Save the global file

4. Check in the global file

5. Try to create a new project from an EPT/Project Center and your views should now work

For more information see this link:

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