[LEARN] PowerBI Row level security video

With the summer updates to PowerBI desktop came an update to the security method called “row level”. It is now a bit more easy to ensure,

Passing the 70-348 Microsoft Projects and Portfolio exam

For as long as I remember (14 years with PPM in total), Microsoft have had a set of Project specific certifications, which allowed you to

Microsoft Project – My top 5 favorite settings

For more than 10 years I have often heard Project Managers complain about Microsoft Project. 9 out of 10 times the issue is around how the

Project Online – Interactive tour

If you are new to Microsoft Project, PPM or Project Online in general, you should try out the Microsoft guided tour. This introduction tool gives

[Trick] Using date fields as values in a PivotTable

Often I get the request to build a PivotTable in Excel, that can easily show important/key dates from projects, tasks and milestones. Many end up

[How to] Modify the risk list form

Making changes to the “Risks” list in a Project Site (connected to Project Online/Server), requires knowledge of the rules. Primary rule: Do not delete or modify

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