[How to] Modify the risk list form

Making changes to the “Risks” list in a Project Site (connected to Project Online/Server), requires knowledge of the rules.

Primary rule: Do not delete or modify any of the default Risk list fields, but feel free to change the lookup values for e.g. Status and Category.

Next, you typically would like to then hide the fields that will not be used.

Risk 1

To get started, navigate to the List Settings of the Risk list

Risk 2

Click on “Advanced Settings” (which will later activate the “content types” settings area as seen below)

Risk 3

Click yes to “allow management of content types”

Risk 4

Now go back and click on content types. You are now able to select all the fields that are found default in the Risks list

Risk 5

After having selected a particular field, you can now control if the field should be required, optional or simply hidden

Risk 6

…and you are done:-)


Following this little guide will ensure that your reporting feeds for the “Risks” list will still work as expected.


  1. This works great for a single project. Is there a way to do this customization for all new projects?

  2. Hi Dave, all you need to do is edit one of your sites. Then save as Site Template, and connect the template to an “Enterprise Project Type”.

    1. Hi, thank you for this. Could you please go into more detail about how you connect the template to an ‘Enterprise Project Type’, as I can’t workout how to do it. Thanks. Jack

  3. Hi, I have SP 2019 on premises. I have 50 projects and I need to change our Risk form. How can I make the changes available to the existing projects? Thanks

    1. Hi Cecilia, the easiest way to fix this is script based. Let me know if you need assistance from my company Projectum as we have helped several others with it in the past.

  4. Useful post, thanks – when you say ‘feel free to change the lookup values for e.g. Status and Category’ – does this include changing the max score for risk impact (changing from 1-10 to 1-5)?

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