[Add-In for Project Pro] Schedule Analyzer

Project Managers have to learn and manage the many rules, and Best Practices, found in the Microsoft Project client. Knowing if things are planned and managed according to Industry Standards, or Best Practices, can be tough to keep up with.

What if there could be an automatic audit of how well you are doing? What if a tool could give you suggestions and actually fix your planning issues. This would for many be a dream come true, and the PPM partner “Project Sensei” now made it possible!

The “Sensei Schedule Analyzer” is the new add-in for the Microsoft Project client, that gives you a completely new guide, which can help you become a better planner, and even follow standards from PMI – Project Management Institute.

I tried it, I still use it, it works!

Try it out yourself – direct link to the add-in description

Sensei Analyzer

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