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Users of Project Server or Project Online typically have a need for working with a bunch of “Custom Fields”. Many of these tend to be around adding the right master data information to the projects. In this case, a field that allows you to select one or more resources from the resource pool, is often requested. Unfortunately, this is not available out of the box except for the field “Project Owner”. This means you have to set up the resources in a “Lookup” table and manually maintain the information over time.

A simple alternative, that saves time and drives end user satisfaction, is the “People Picker” add-in, which is available from the SharePoint Store. Adding this to your Project Detail Pages allows users to select resources from the resource pool, where this is needed. Often I see the need for adding the project owner, project manager, stakeholders, sponsors, steering group members, steering group chairman etc. All of this would be possible using the “People Picker ” add-in.

The add-in can be found in the SharePoint store – direct link: https://store.office.com/people-picker-WA104379587.aspx

People Picker

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  1. The need at our end is to select multiple people as approvers in Project Online. We tried using this but is not working when we need tpo select multiple people. Can you please guide on if this can be used to meet mentioned need.

    Abhijeet Mohite

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