Help Microsoft design PPM in the next release of Project Server

Microsoft wants to get feedback on how you prioritize and select items; such as projects and tasks.  As they plan for future product improvements, they want to learn more on the following topics: 

  • What items do you prioritize? And what tools do you use?
  • How many items do you typically prioritize?
  • What information do you require to prioritize?
  • Who is involved in the prioritization process?
  • What are the challenges on your current process?
  • How do you decide which items to work on when you can’t do everything on your list? 

For those of you familiar with the Portfolio Analysis feature: 

  • Do you have suggestions for future directions?
  • What needs do you have for which the feature falls short?
  • Would you like to see better integration with SharePoint for this feature? Please explain. 

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