Cascading Filters in your Project Server 2010 reports

Perhaps you have heard about “Cascading Filters” and if not then you should read this small article anyways as it can make you reports much more user friendly. First of all “Casading Filters” is only available after you install SP1 in your SharePoint Server environment.

The concept of “Cascading Filters” is that the output of one filter becomes the input of another; or more precisely, the choices made in one filter limit the choices available in another. Typically, this would be filters in the same hierarchy: time, geography, or organization, for example. Perhaps you have seen this in some of your organizations SQL Reporting Services reports.

The outcome of using “Cascading Filters” is that it helps users track the exact data they need with help from intelligent¬†filters. Without “Cascading Filters” you would be forced to manually select from all the variables in each filter e.g. Year, Project, Resource and so on. In this case with the “Cascading Filters”¬†if you start of by selecting “Year” then only the projects relevant for this year would shown in the next filter etc.


“Cascading Filters” is available from Performance Point Services from within your Project Server 2010 Business Intelligence link.

Have fun!

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