How to do Risk Bubblecharts in Project Server 2010

Ok, so your organization needs some bubble charts built from your Microsoft Project Server 2010 data. You have tried using Excel but it keeps prompting you for not being able to create bubble charts from pivot table data. You have tried using Performance Point from your PWA site, but this doesn´t help as there is no option for choosing a bubble chart…now what?

First of all IT IS POSSIBLE to create a bubble chart without doing any custom coding. Here are the steps on how to do a bubble chart for risck mangement in a workspace template:

1. Launch your PWA and go to a workspace – a workspace that can be modified into the future template

2. Go to the risk list and click edit page. Insert the web part called “Chart Webpart”

3. You should know see a webpart that looks something like this:

4. You should also make sure that the page you have inserted the new webpart on, also contains a list of all the risks including the information you want to create your bubble chart from.

5.  Next go to the chart web part and select data and appearance:

6. Choose to connect to data:

7. Connect to another webpart – in this case the out of the box risk list.

8. Go directly to finish as we will set the Y and X Fields (we need an extra dimension to do a bubble chart)

9. Now go data and appearance and choose to customize your chart:

10. Select one of the Point/Bubble charts:

11. Now your webpart should look something like this (Title and axis titles are set up in the configuration of the chart type you selected – I will not go through this here as this is fairly easy to do).

12. Again you now have to go to data and appearance and select “connect chart to data”. The reason is that we now have the extra field that was missing before (Y1 Value field). This is what will determine the size of the bubble – the third dimension you could say:

13. Now you chart should like this and you are now ready to save your workspace as a template and use it for alle future workspaces in your Project Server 2010 environment. Remember that Titles, Colors, 3D graphs etc. can all be modified by going through some of the other configuration pages the web part contains that I skipped in this guide.

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