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In Microsoft Project Server 2010 it is only possible to enter comments for project tasks for an entire time-sheet period making it difficult for others to understand exactly what was done on specific dates.


My company, Projectum, has developed an add-on for Project Server 2010 that enables users to right click on a specific cell in the timesheet grid, which opens up a comments dialog box. From here you can enter comments relevant for the specific time entry. All comments will be available for reporting purposes either by Excel Services, SQL Re-porting Services or other tools that you feel comfortable working with. All cells containing comments are highlighted in the timesheet grid for easy user navigation. Comments can also be added to cells without any actual work and on administrative tasks.


Project Server 2010 environment with the same hardware and software requirements as Project Server 2010/SharePoint Server 2010. All comments data will be stored in the Project Server Reporting Database, and all interaction happens throug the PSI – Project Server Interface.


This add-on can be purchased for 2.750 USD / 1.750 Euros *. One license is needed for each PWA instance.

*Trial license available for 30 days free of charge


The product contains:

MSI installation package and installation guide

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