Automatically create “Dimension Counts” in your OData Excel reports

Here is a little something nice for those of us creating reports on Project Server data.

Previously when working against an OLAP cube in Excel 2010/2013 it was not possible for me to easily get some “Counts” on the various dimensions such as Project Name, Ressource Name, Enterprise Project Type Name and so on. What you would get, if trying to drag a dimension to your “Values”, would be as shown below:


owner count 1

However, if I connect to my Project Online OData source and take a dimension e.g. Project Name, pull it to the “Values” area, it automatically creates a count for me. Smooth and fast!

owner count 2


This little trick can be used forĀ a lot fun stuff on the reporting side and I guess only the imagination (and version of Excel) sets the limit to what you can use it for.

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