How to refresh Excel Services in Project Online

Grant reporting access in Project Online

When a Project Online report is created using Excel 2013, you can open it in Excel Web App and refresh the OData feeds in the report. This retrieves the most recent data in Project Online.

Excel Web App uses the BI Azure Service to refresh the Project Online OData connections. For this to work, you must first grant the BI Azure Service permission to access Project Web App.

 Note    You only need to grant this permission one time for each Project Web App site.

  1. Log on to Project Online.
  2. Add the following to the end of your Project Web App URL: /_layouts/15/appinv.aspx

For example, if your Project Web App URL is, type in this URL:

  1. In the App ID field, type 00000009-0000-0000-c000-000000000000, and then click Lookup.

 Tip    Try copying and pasting that code. If that doesn’t work, that first set before the 9 is seven 0s, and that last set is twelve 0s.

Lookup button

  1. In the Permission Request XML field, copy and paste the following code:

Scope = “http://sharepoint/projectserver/reporting&#8221; Right=”Read”>
Scope = “http://sharepoint/content/tenant&#8221; Right=”FullControl”>

  1. Click Create.
  2. On the next page, click Trust It to trust the BI Azure Service on your Project Web App site.

Trust It button

You should now be able to refresh your Project Online reports in Excel.


    1. Have you made sure that everything around Excel Services (trusted locations, users etc) has been setup correctly before following the steps mentioned?

  1. Whre do you set up Excel Services in Project Online? We do have Secure Store available, but nowhere to configure Excel Services.

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