New “Project 2013 Demo Machine” available

For all of you Project Partners out there, waiting for a new Project Server 2013  “Contoso” VHD to be released – the waiting time is over.

As a partner you can now download a full IW 2013 VHD stack that enables you to showcase all the new features of Office, Project, Lync, SharePoint and much more. (Direct link)



The VM stack consists of 8 VHD files which in total would take up 220GB of you disk. However, in order to just run the Project 2013 demo script you would only need the following VHDs:


Once downloaded, the files will automatically extract to the specified folder. From here, follow the official guide to make sure you “Mount” the VHDs in the correct order. This is especially relevant when it comes to activating the software.

Over and out:-)


  1. HI Peter, thanks for sharing this, however i am still struggling to find this official guide you have mentioned above to follow to mount these VMs properly. I am able to run the SP VM, but SQL services are not working, is this the case with you as well?

  2. I’ve logged in to that partner site. I don’t see IW 2013 project or Sharepoint demo VM. All I see if Office 365 related stuff. Can someone share with me the right information to download the 2013 demo VM?

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