Project Web App versus Project Pro (2013)

User Interface Feature Comparison
Project Online
Project Professional

Backstage View

  • Get started quickly with recent projects and new project templates.

Calendar View

  • See tasks represented as a traditional calendar.

Network Diagram

  • Investigate the relationships between tasks in a PERT-like format.

Resource Graph

  • Scroll through resources to visualize allocations.

Task Form

  • Quickly access essential task and resource data.

Paste with Task Hierarchy

  • Paste with hierarchical information included, like indenting.

Offline Editing

  • Edit project plans without being connected to the internet or Project Server.

Team Planner View

  • Manage resources and resolve overallocations visually with drag and drop.

Task Information Dialog

  • See task details by using a dialog interface.

Team Planner Custom Formatting

  • Add visual cues to highlight certain tasks in Team Planner.

Team Planner Unassigned Tasks

  • Visually identify unassigned tasks and drag them to available resources in Team Planner.

Text Formatting

  • Modify text formatting with colors and styles.

Task Hierarchy + Indent / Outdent

  • Display and render tasks with hierarchical information and apply full indenting / outdenting of tasks in a project plan.

Flexible Views

  • Move columns to define a specific view.

Sorting / Filtering

  • Sort or filter project plan data by any data value in the plan.

View / Edit Custom Fields

  • View and edit project metadata using custom fields.

High Fidelity Gantt Charts

  • Create vivid, colorful Gantt charts with customizable styles.

Status Change Updates

  • Receive updates on status changes that reschedule the project plan.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Use keyboard shortcuts for common operations, such as indent or insert.

Multi-level Undo

  • Perform what-if analysis and fully understand the impact of changes by reversing and reapplying an entire set of operations.

Cut / Copy / Paste

  • Collaborate on schedule development by copying/pasting schedule details between applications.

Zoom In / Out

  • Use zoom controls on the status bar to quickly change the timeline perspective of project plans.

Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface

  • Increase productivity with the Ribbon, a tab interface to quickly find and use Project features and controls.

Real-Time Validation

  • Mark cell data as invalid as you edit, instead of after saving or validating.

Error Handling

  • Handle invalid data and present data in an easy-to-use interface that helps resolve issues.

Fill Down

  • Drag the bottom right corner of a cell to repeat data in cells below.
Project Management Feature Comparison
Project Online
Project Professional

Resource Leveling

  • Recognize and correct resource overallocation scenarios using automatic resources leveling techniques.

Task Path Highlighting

  • See how tasks come together and identify which are most critical to a project’s success.

Split Tasks

  • Split tasks and show them as split in the Gantt chart.

 Task Inspector

  • Additional analysis to resolve scheduling conflicts.

Define Local Custom Fields

  • All users can define local custom fields.

Time-Phased Editing

  • Edit plans and work on a day-by-day basis.

Team Planner Overallocation Highlighting

  • Visual cues identify task overallocations, which can be automatically leveled or manually corrected with drag and drop in Team Planner.

Team Planner Prevent Overallocations

  • Automatically move tasks so that resources cannot become overallocated in Team Planner.

Inactive Tasks

  • Tasks marked inactive in Project Professional are read-only in PWA / Project Online.

Edit Master Projects

  • Master projects are read-only in PWA / Project Online.

Edit Sub-Projects

  • Sub-project cannot be added to a project, but can be edited separately from master projects.

Cross-Project Links

  • Dependency relationships with tasks in other projects are read-only in PWA / Project Online.

Summary Task Assignments

  • Resource assignments on summary tasks are read-only in PWA / Project Online.

WBS Codes

  • Custom Work Breakdown Structure codes are supported, but definitions are read-only in PWA / Project Online.

Multi-Resource Assignments

  • Assign more than one resource to a particular task.

Automatic / Manual Scheduling

  • Use the Project scheduling engine to automatically schedule tasks, or do it manually.

Task Linking

  • Create, edit and delete task dependency relationships.

Project Information

  • Edit project-level fields and properties.

Edit Large Projects

  • No limit to the size of plans that are editable.

Import from SharePoint

  • Import data from a SharePoint project task list into a project plan.

% Complete

  • Mark task progress as a percentage of the assigned work that is complete.

Cost and Material Resource Assignments

  • Ability to assign Cost Resources or Material Resources to tasks.

Task Calendars

  • Define a custom calendar associated with a task.

Fixed Work Tasks

  • Define the type of a task as fixed work.


  • Build and customize the timeline view to visualize schedule details and communicate with stakeholders.

Edit Assignment Fields

  • Edit assignment views.

Create Baselines

  • Create a snapshot baseline of the current project plan.

Task Deadlines

  • Create deadlines for a task.

Edit Task Type

  • Change the type of a task.

Effort-Driven Tasks

  • Scheduling engine support for scheduling a task as effort driven.

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