A great app for your Project client

Multiple apps are already launched and available for the Project Server (2013) and Project client (2013). More will come over time and I will try to review some of the apps, that I find most relevant and useful for my readers of this  blog. My first review is around the simple yet powerful client app made by the US based company “Sensei Project Solutions”.

The app is called “Sensei Task Analyzer” and is a tool that helps Project Managers build a stronger plan through various checks for potential riscs and issues. The app uses best practices and also PMI standards for working with WBS and Scheduling in general.

All checks happen on a per task entity, in which issues will be explained, solved and later set to “compliant”.

You can find more information from the Sensei Project Solutions website: http://www.senseiprojectsolutions.com/taskanalyzer.html


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