Personal Training Schedule for Runners

Normally I only blog about the business benefits of using Microsoft Project. Today, I will touch upon another area in which those of you enjoying running, can use the Project client to manage your training schedule. I have personally used this to train for a 50 miles Ultramarathon in which distance, pace and calories are important factors to keep track of during the many weeks of preparation.

It’s fast and easy to have Project become your personal trainer. Think of tasks as being each a training day. I include my restdays as it is simply something to lookforward to and see visually. I added three custom fields “distance”, “calories” and “pace”. Then I customized the gantt/bar styles and created my own training report to keep track of my progress.

Here is how it looks:

Training View

I hope this little blog entry has served as a new inspiration to other ways of using the Microsoft Project client.

If you would like the sample MPP (Project file) used for the screendumps let me know by sending me an email to pk [@]

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