Project Online – Virtual Academy


Are you running Project Online? Are you in need of a basic understanding of what it offers and how to configure it? Last week Microsoft released three new learning videos targeting topics such as “getting started”, “configuration” and “administration”… AND THEY ARE ALL FREE TO WATCH AND DOWNLOAD!

The presenters are some of the most experienced Microsoft Project supporters, Brian Smith and Adrian Jenkins.

Video 1

Project Online: Getting Started

Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses that cover leading Office 365 support issues. ​Check out this course on Project Online, the newest member of the Project family. Find out what this subscription service is and what it isn’t, and learn what you need to know to get up and running with Project Online smoothly and quickly.


Video 2

Project Online: Next Steps

​​If you have a new Project Online tenant, this is your opportunity to learn more about its capabilities and what you need to configure to deliver business value for your users. In this session, walk through the Project Management Office (PMO) level configuration necessary to support your business needs.


Video 3

Project Online: Administration

​Understanding the administration options for Project Online is key for a successful experience, both from the tenant administration within Office 365 and the Project Management Office (PMO) administration for your projects. In this course, get insight into what you have control over within Office 365 Admin Center and the PMO administration within each Project Web App (PWA) site.


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