New Project Online features on the Office365 Roadmap

The Office365 Roadmap site is the place to go to learn about what has been “rolled out”, is “coming soon” and is “under development”. The last couple of weeks, new functionality has been rolled out to all Project Online tenants but also interesting, you will also see some new Resource Management features that are now under “Development”.


Resource Engagement Workflow

Project managers, working in Project Pro for Office 365 can systematically place resource requests in order to build their project teams. Soon thereafter, Resource managers working in Project Online will be able to view, modify, accept or reject those requests. Also, decisions made by Resource managers will be available to Project Managers within Project Pro for Office 365 to review and plan accordingly


Capacity Management Capabilities

Resource Managers can benefit from configurable color coded heatmaps to better predict the utilization of   their resource pool in Project Online. These heatmaps will also support seamless drill-down capabilities all the way down to individual resources and their assigned Projects.


Go to the Office 365 Roadmap site


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