New Microsoft PPM E-learning concept

Being a busy Project Manager makes it very difficult to find the time to attend a Microsoft Project course. At the same time, finding a course that teaches “Best Practices” rather than the complete tour of functionality, can also be tricky. I guess this is why the Microsoft PPM Partner, Project Sensei, decided to build a new learning experience around Microsoft Project/PPM, which is now available for all of us. Great news!

Two of the strong selling points are learning at your own pace while paying a small fee compared to on-site training. Even better, I have arranged a 10% discount for my blog readers if you decide to try it out. Just add the coupon code “PPMBLOG” during your purchase.

From having already tried out a handful of the course chapters, I can strongly recommend any klind of PPM users to try it out. The concept of learning from “Best Practices” is simply the best, and most efficient way, to get up to speed.

You can find the courses here:


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