Controlling length of Project Online text fields

Using Project Online typically allows users to add a lot of text in the form of Project level custom fields. Fields such as “description”, “scope”, “justification” etc are often created as multi-line text fields. One of the benefits of multiline text fields, is the ability to add as much text as needed including custom formatting afterwards. However, this flexibility can easily become a PMO nightmare, when trying to create standardized reports in PowerBI or Excel.

The PPM Partner Projectum, my workpace:-), now has a webpart allowing Project Online admins to control the text fields on each PDP – Project Detail Page. Simply add the webpart to a page, configure it and you are done.

The below picture is a screendump of the configuration. If you want to learn more about the webpart, or simply would like it yourselves, please send me an email:


text control



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