Project Online Administrators Guide

How do you learn everything there is to know about managing a Microsoft Project Online solution? Try and error is one approach but there is a better alternative – Sensei´s “Ultimate Application Administrator´s Guide for Project Online”.

The book itself is almost 1000 pages long, and deals with any technical aspect that Project Online administrators would need to know – and many others as well. This book is truly a masterpiece and all Project Online admins should have a copy of it next to them.

The book can be purchased here: LINK


admin guide

More details:

This book contains everything you need to know to effectively configure and maintain Microsoft Project Online. It describes a practical approach based on industry standards, best practices, and decades of experience implementing Microsoft’s Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions.

Step-by-step instructions, as well as helpful hints, tips, and traps, guide you through the entire process of configuring your Microsoft Project Online environment to enable the management of projects through the entire lifecycle. As your organization’s project and portfolio management practices evolve, you will be able to proactively make adjustments to the system so that it will continue to support your organization’s needs.

This book covers all aspects of Microsoft Project Online configuration and administration, including:

  • Managing Users, Resources, and Permissions
  • Defining Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables
  • Enforcing Timesheet and Task Update Policies
  • Creating Insightful Views of Projects, Schedules, and Resources
  • Managing the Project Lifecycle
  • Classifying Types of Project Work
  • Developing and Maintaining SharePoint Project Sites and Templates
  • Facilitating Portfolio Alignment to Organizational Strategy
  • On-going and Regular Maintenance Activities





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      Could you ellaborate a bit more on what kind of customization you are looking for in the calendar?

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