[PowerBI and Teams] Smart sharing of reports

I made this post from having received similar questions from multiple Project Online customers all regarding how to share Power BI reports in a smart and secure way.

How can share our Power BI reports in a way that managers understand and without publishing the content to the entire world?

Here is the case. You are using Power BI to build great management reports for portfolio reporting. Those interested in seeing the reports are managers from various business units. You have asked them to use the Power BI page, but they think it is too complex. You have also looked into embedding the report into a SharePoint Page, but you don’t like the idea of publishing confidential content for the rest of world to see on the internet. Now what?

In some ways, managers should get used to looking at reports using Power BI either as an app or from a browser. But there are alternative ways to have specific people, looking at specific reports without going to Power BI and it is called “Teams”.

In my prior posts, you could learn about what “teams” is, and if you haven’t read it, read it first.

Wath the video:





  1. Great video Peter! As you said, publishing dashboards to the web making them public was not an acceptable solution. Thanks!

  2. Great Video dude… Your very own commitment to getting the message throughout came to be rather powerful and have consistently enabled employees just like me to arrive at their desired goals. I like to Suggest all my proventuresindia.com colleagues read this blog and watch this video

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