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“Security”, “permissions” and “data refresh settings” are often where customer find it hard to navigate when defining reports in Microsoft Project Online. Different users have different needs, and sitting in a PMO/Portfolio function, you are probably looking for a dashboard more than a report, and you can easily accept data being refreshed once a week or once a day. Great news, PowerBI solves all your problems.

The story is completely different when looking at the operation level in a PPM hierarchy. Imagine you are a Project Manager, who just updated your project with the latest information on schedule, financials, KPIs etc. You are just about to run of to a steering group meeting, and you want your latest data to be available in the format you love the most – Microsoft Office. In other words, you are dreaming of that realtime button that automatically creates your status report e.g. in Microsoft Word.

The above scenario has previously been a complex affair to implement, and required custom coding. Luckily, Projectum (www.projectum.dk) now has a solution for this problem.

Office Exporter – link to more information

The “Office Exporter” is designed for Microsoft Project Online, and works directly from you Project Detail Pages. The PMO can without code, design the desired status reports e.g. in Word, and have the Project Managers use this template every time they run the report.

Data in the report will always be realtime, and “Office Exporter” has been designed so that it:

  • Gets data from Project Site lists (risks, issues, change requests etc)
  • Gets data from Projectum Snapshot App
  • Gets data from Projectum Project Financials App
  • Gets data from the Project Plan (tasks, milestones, phases, progress etc)
  • Gets data from Project level custom fields (information from Project Detail Pages)

Every time you run a report, the report will be saved into a Status Report folder within the Project Site. This makes it easier for the Project Manager to share reports to team members and other stakeholders.

Quick video showing the Office Exporter:

Learn more here:


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  1. Great application! Not only for reporting, how about other pre-filled management products like project brief, -mandate, PID e.g…!
    Looking forward to getting this in action!

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