[Planner] Multiple resources per task now possible

Microsoft Planner is great tool for lightweight management of tasks, to-do lists and simple projects. Until now it has only been possible to assign one resource per task. Following a recent update from Microsoft this week, users are now allowed to assign multiple resources per task. Before showing how it looks  here is a quick Q&A:

Will multi assignment also work for existing Planner plans?

What defines if a task is done when having multiple assignments?
The first person who moves or sets the task to “done” defines it also for the rest of the team. In other word, only one person needs to update the task

Can I see who updated the task?
Yes, once the task is completed it will also show who did it

Can I configure the task so the assigned resources share the responsibility?
No, it is not yet possible to allocate e.g. 50% for one person and 50% for another person. In this case you would have to create to multiple tasks with one assignment for each, or better yet, use a project planning tool such as Microsoft Project:-)

Following are some screenshots of the new functionality and “Planner” in general

Create a new “Planner” plan or select an existing one:

Add some team members from the top right corner:

Create a new task and add some people to it:

Enjoy all the other great task capabilities such as “label codes”, “attachments”, “checklists”, “comments” and links to other sites

Although multiple resources are assigned to the task, it only shows one task in the “charts” overview

When the first person from the team sets the task to “completed”, it will change the task status and show who completed it:

To learn more about “Planner” visit this place:



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