[Major Update] More projects and better performance

Today a major announcement has been made by the Project Team in Redmond

Previously 5,000 was the maximum number of projects allowed in Project Online. This has now been increased to 30,000 projects in one Project Online Web Application – amazing update helping some of the largest enterprises.

On top of the new project limit is also the increase of supported project sites (SharePoint Sites). So far, no more than 2,000 project sites were allowed, a number that has now increased to cover as many as 30,000 sites due to a change ensuring a 1:1 relation between a project and a site. Furthermore, administrators can now configure, which site collections to use for the various Enterprise Project Types within a Project Web Application. This means no more having to split up the PWA into sub PWAs only to allow more than the past 2,000 project sites. Once again, an amazing upgrade for many current and future Project Online users.

Last, but not least, the Project Team also did massive changes to improve performance and logging of reporting data. From a performance improvement perspective, “Project Center” can now be customized to not roll up data in grouped views, and users can decide to complete remove the Gantt chart section, making it more useful for reporting across the portfolios and programs.

When it comes to logging your report data, the following ODATA feeds now include a “last modified date” which should be useful for PMOs e.g. during a data validation proces:

  • AssignmentBaseline
  • AssignmentBaselineTimephasedData
  • AssignmentTimephasedData
  • Engagement
  • EngagementsTimephasedData
  • ProjectBaseline
  • TaskBaseline
  • TaskBaselineTimephasedData
  • TaskTimephasedData
  • TimesheetLineActualData
  • ResourceDemandTimephasedData
  • ResourceTimephasedData

The update should impact all Project Online tenants within the next few days. For some, the updates might already be completed. I hope you enjoy this new and massive update – Project Online just became even better.

Read the official announcement here:


Q. What do I need to do to increase my limit to 30,000 projects?

A. The limit has been updated for everyone.

Q. Can I control which site collections my project sites are created in?

A. You can set project destinations at the Enterprise Project Type (EPT) level.

Q. Where can I go to find the best practices to be successful with 30,000 projects?

A. Please see “Tune Project Online performance” for best practices.

Q. Can I use User Sync and SharePoint Task List Sync with these updates?

A. User Sync and SharePoint Task List Sync are only supported when a project site is in the same site collection as the PWA site. Project sites created outside the PWA site will not support these functionalities.

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