[PowerApps] New form editor

Building your business applications in PowerApps Model-driven is all about creating and customizing “entities”. Each entity, such as a project, a customer, a product etc., all have an input form for a customized user experience managing data.

With model-driven PowerApps, the configuration of forms has been possible to do both in the “classic” or “modern” mode. In my experience, you almost always ended up using “classic mode” – this simply allowed you to do more things but no anymore.

Today, Microsoft have released an updated version of the “modern” experience allowing for much more advanced configuration of your entity forms. Hopefully this means not having to go old-school with the “classic experience” anymore.

Some of the most relevant updates are:

1. Easily discover and add components to the form

2. Add components to a field

3. Add and configure a sub-grid component

4. Add and configure a quick view component

5. Configure a lookup component

6. Create a new field on the entity while editing a form

To learn much about this great update, go visit: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-the-general-availability-of-the-new-model-driven-form-designer/

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