[New App] Custom Fields Editor

Have you ever thought that the “Custom Fields” settings page in Project Online/Server, could use some filters and bulk edit capability? What about knowing how

[PowerBI Update] Reports now export to PowerPoint

Christmas came early this year, or at least it did for me:-) Since I made my first report using PowerBI, I have been dreaming about

[PowerBI] Use Cortana to show your PPM data

Microsofts personal assistant “Cortana” is very smart when it comes to Power BI, and showing your Project Online data in Windows 10. This post will show

[LEARN] PowerBI Row level security video

With the summer updates to PowerBI desktop came an update to the security method called “row level”. It is now a bit more easy to ensure,

Controlling length of Project Online text fields

Using Project Online typically allows users to add a lot of text in the form of Project level custom fields. Fields such as “description”, “scope”,

Microsoft Project – My top 5 favorite settings

For more than 10 years I have often heard Project Managers complain about Microsoft Project. 9 out of 10 times the issue is around how the

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